Monday, February 23, 2009

We Walk the Line

Callan's latest and greatest is walking! He is not quite steady enough to go it alone, but if there are a willing pair of hands (and an able back) available, he is most happy to strut around. He can go to a place you tell him (like the laundry room) or sometimes it is pretty funny to see where he will choose to explore. This morning it was his bathroom to see what the tub looks like with no water. Here's a quick video of his practice with Grandma Char. Obviously, Vegas is quite proud of Callan's accomplishments and wanted to show his excitement at the 'finish line'!

And this weekend I think we got a little sneak peek at Callan's sense of humor....he had quite a giggle fest with Eric. Callan belched and Eric imitated him, and every time he did Callan would laugh harder and harder. He was just about beside himself. I am pretty sure that finding burping that funny is a mark in the "He is ALL boy" category. Look out--I see whoopee cushions in our future.

Eat Your Heart Out

Callan's first Valentine's Day started out with breakfast. A light but hearty (pun intended) fare of the Hallmark variety. Everyone does love a Hallmark, and our boy is no exception! Cupid left Callan a book and a new picnic play set, but the card was definitely his favorite. Even though delicious, it was short lived and he did eventually give his picnic basket a whirl. He bypassed the stuffed sandwich, watermelon, and soda in favor of the stuffed ice cream cone. Seriously--is he his mother's son or what????

We also got to go to a belated Valentine's dinner at my parents. Callan had lots of fun getting to see Grandma and Grandpa and Aunt Johanna and Uncle Grant! And Grandma Char was very pleased to learn that Callan could practice picnicing---her favorite!

A Moment in the Sun

First, the Wahoo Weporter (OK, I have no idea what it is called, but I thought that had a nice ring to it) and now, the Sandoval Sun. We are just making our way around the Newspaper Circuit. Callan got a 'shout out' in the Family newsletter. Hopefully all this publicity won't go to his head! But with a face like this, it is hard to keep the cameras away.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Crazy Eights

Today is Callan's 8 month birthday! I am hoping he'll celebrate with 8 hours of sleep! So far, I believe he has other plans....

He celebrated today by getting up EXTRA early and taking a nice long morning nap for Grandma Char. Then tonight we had a little giggle party--lots and lots of tickles! And we wore our new pajamas to bed---I got them out thinking they would still be too big. NOT so much! The bad news is I only have one 18 month sleeper, and now I feel like the 12mo are like a fleece unitard! I think there is a shopping excursion in our future!

Speaking of birthdays---we have a few to celebrate this week! Happy Birthday to Uncle Ron, Cousin Rachael and little Miss Hannah Grace!

Three and a half down, sixteen and a half to go..

Even though I thought that Callan had been teething for the last 4 months (since he got his first two teeth!) he's just really gotten down to business in the last week or so. My Mom called to report the appearance of his third tooth, and the fourth one isn't far behind! Instead of his top middle teeth, he is getting his 'fangs!' We might have a little jack o'latern smile on our hands in a few days!

Shaking Hands and Kissing Babies

Well, we are a bit from shaking hands yet--we've got a version of a 'five' down--'patty.' And now we can officially add 'kiss!' Callan loves to kiss the baby! And since the only baby around these parts is Callan, this is terrific news for anyone who owns stock in Windex. I think 'kiss' was an easy one for Callan to learn, as he gets a few million every day! Who could resist this guy?