Monday, June 23, 2008

Home Sweet Home

Phew. We have been home since Friday morning and I feel like we are just catching our breath. And by we, of course I mean mostly me--everyone else had less trouble. Callan is doing great! And I am starting to get a hold of myself--I had no idea my true capacity for worry!!!! My personal milestone today was that I allowed myself to get in the shower while Callan was sleeping. I am learning that it is possible for him to continue sleeping without my constant supervision. Who knew?

One person who might be having a little trouble adapting is Vegas. He is very curious, about the new noises, the new smells (he ate a diaper our first day home---as if they weren't gross enough to begin with--strewn across the carpet they are entirely unpleasant.) Every day seems a little better.

We had a Dr.'s appt. today, and another one on Friday. Our first outing went well. Luckily my Mom was able to with us...just having Callan in a car that I am driving made me nervous! I don't know if she would admit it, but it may have made Mom nervous too...considering it was my first time behind the wheel in almost two weeks--that factor combined with my usual tremendous driving skills. But we all survived and Callan had a great check up.

We are very glad to finally be home!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Blue Light Special

Well, one more day down in the NICU. We hope to be "released" on Friday. On Sunday, Callan got his feeding tube removed and was able to start mouth feedings...that was a very good day! One less tube or wire is a welcome relief...we are looking forward to having a cordless baby soon!

Callan has spent the last few days looking like he's at a beach. He has been under a special light to help control his jaundice. He gets "sprung" in about an hour---back to a crib instead of an incubator. Which also means he can wear clothes! Which is probably more exciting for Mom than for baby!

Today, after a second EKG, we got a better idea of what it was that was causing Callan's breathing problems. It appears to be a very common problem in many infants that deals with the closing of a duct near his heart. The physicians expect that it will close on its own in the next few weeks, and if not, it can be treated with medication. We were extremely relieved!!!

We are looking forward to finally bringing our boy home later this week. I was released from the hospital on Monday and after a lengthy bout of hysterics (on my part) was convinced that I couldn't properly recuperate by sleeping in the recliner in the NICU. Eric was right---I feel much better having had a few hours of sleep in my own bed. I also forgot that I hadn't been outside in 5 days...I missed the fresh air! I was also very glad to see Vegas! That guy has a few changes in store for as a big brother!

Thank you all for your support and prayers! They seem to be working just the miracle we needed!


Callan, Eric & Joslynn

Friday, June 13, 2008

Inside out. BOY, you turn me!

Introducing Callan James Gonnerman!

The most important and thrilling thing to write is that our son is healthy and resting comfortably tonight!

It has been a long 36 hours....

We arrived at the hospital for a scheduled C section yesterday morning. The operation went fine, it took a little longer than expected as the anesthesiologist had to try 5 times to find my epidural space. I'm sure you are all aware of my love for needles, so that was a super thrilling time for me...needle hitting my spine. Callan was born at 9:53 a.m. and weighed 10 lbs. 7 oz and is 23 inches long. He was the biggest baby in the nursery....his total weight beat the cumulative weight of a new set of twins---what an over achiever!

We spent the rest of the day yesterday introducing Callan to his family. He was able to meet everyone with the exception of two uncles and one cousin....what a lucky boy!

Unfortunately, last night at about 11 p.m. Callan began to have trouble breathing. He was breathing about twice the normal rate. Because of his rapid respiration, he had to be fed through a tube. About 6a this morning they ran labs and took an x-ray, and determined he needed to go to the NICU. Once in the NICU, they told us he needed an echo cardiogram to rule out a congenital heart defect. There aren't words for how frightened we were! Luckily, the cardiologist was able to rule out any heart abnormalities. So we are left with two possible culprits for his breathing difficulties, either pneumonia or fluid aspiration during birth. The treatment for either is similar---IV antibiotics and monitoring. So our son is spending the next 7 to 10 days in the NICU, but we are so relieved that the problem is temporary and fairly easily remedied. It's not the start we hoped for, but it is truly the best case scenario from what we were looking at this morning.

Two days ago, before coming to the hospital, I spent a few minutes crying to Eric, worried that I wouldn't feel like a mom since I wasn't going to have the birth experience I hoped for. I was worried that I wouldn't bond with Callan. Now, having only been a mom for less than two days, I am so overwhelmed at the instantaneous nature of the mother/child bond. I love that little boy so much it makes my heart ache to think of him. I can't believe how hard it is just to have him two floors away instead of in the bassinet in my room. I can't wait to heal him and have him come home to his family! What a love he is!

Also, I have to brag for a moment... besides having the most handsome son in the world, I am a lucky girl to have such a terrific husband. Eric has been taking care of his emotional basket case of a wife, his new son and our dog...and making it look easy all the while. Some how he has still managed to avoid changing a diaper (so far!), but he is a wonderful father, and it is so fun to see him with Callan. Thank you, Eric!!!!

Here are a few pictures of our boy...some from yesterday, some from today. One of our favorite shots is the picture of his footprint---another centimeter bigger and his feet wouldn't have fit in their stamp pad! We grow 'em big!

Monday, June 9, 2008

New Edition in the Family

The brilliant Liza Monroy, my brother Ethan's kind, beautiful and talented girlfriend releases her debut novel, Mexican High, tomorrow(June 10). I can't wait to read it!!!! If the copies I ordered show up on their expected arrival date, I just might have time to read it before the baby arrives! (Then again, I may have time to read it several times before the baby arrives!)

Here's a link to a Q&A with Liza from this weekend's Wall Street Journal, and an excerpt from her book.

We wish her much happiness and continued success!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

the ELEPHANT and the ROOM

This is where I plan to post the news when it happens, so I thought I would test it out by posting a few pictures. A test of the Emerging Baby Broadcast System...

Here are a few of the nursery. I love the way it turned out especially because it is filled with gifts from people we love! Everyone has been so generous, especially with their time and talents! My patient and wonderful parents painted the nursery for us, and my Grandma Gladys made the curtains and bed skirt. Not to mention all of the beautiful clothes, books, toys and other gifts we have received. We are so lucky to have such wonderful families and friends! Thank you all!!!!!!

We are officially two days past due...hopefully this is a sign that our son will have his mother's leisurely attitude towards time. (I am not certain Eric would agree on the hopefully part--but she who controls the keyboard...)

I have a Dr.'s appointment today--perhaps we will get some news. Eric would appreciate news that involves a specific date and time. I hope he is not holding his breath! I am not feeling impatient yet. I am still as comfortable as you can be with the feet of an elephant and camel hump (too big for "baby bump") so big that it makes people think I am having twins. Ah, the beauty of having a 56" waist! I can tell that I am starting to get so big that I am scaring people. Especially when they learn I am past due...I think a lot of people really think it could literally be any minute--- and most don't want to share that minute with me!!!