Friday, January 30, 2009

Running in Circles

Why crawl if you could walk? Why walk if you could run? I have a feeling there is some serious independent movement awaiting us. While Callan has stuck to his decision not to crawl thus far, he is giving serious thought to the idea of running. Check out his activity station warm up. LOOK out!

You may also notice, that the table looks like it is airborne...or soon to be. Our sweet little baby is outgrowing EVERYTHING! Including his beloved jumperoo and swing---he has about two more pounds to go before he's reached their weight limit.

In other exciting news---we're expanding our food horizons! This week Callan tried a few delicious 'Cheerios!' He wasn't sure what to make of them at first, but after getting the hang of "chewing" them, he liked them so much he decided he couldn't get them in his mouth fast enough and that a better method would be to put his face on the tray of his highchair and pick them up with his mouth--avoiding the pesky tray to hand, hand to mouth transfer. What a little smarty. Then he decided to prove me wrong (I can hear you all thinking--won't be the last time, Jos) and enjoy some banana with his Grandma Char. I guess as long as it isn't mashed or pureed, he likes it just fine. How about that?

For all this forward momentum--we do have some 'slippage.' Poor Callan is NOT sleeping! We are back to an every two hour wake up pattern. I hope, hope, hope it is just a passing phase. Every night I lay him down thinking please, please, please, please.....tonight let's sleep for three hours. Or four hours. I don't get crazy. I don't wish for overnight, or six hours or anything nutty like that. But a few more than two consecutive would really be outstanding. It might even make me productive. Something I vaguely remember being at some point.

Granimals, We Need You!

OK. I try. I really, really try not to micro-momage Eric. (Which is like micro managing but much naggier.) He does so many wonderful things with and for Callan, that I know he can handle just about anything on his own. (Although upon writing this I am wondering why I get called to the scene whenever there is a poopy diaper?) And as with many things, Eric and I have our own ways of doing things. So I try not to nag and this, I do it like this, he likes this...etc. I try to take a deep breath and let things be.

But then Eric got Callan dressed the other morning..........

And I started to think it's OK to provide a little more direction. For the record, Eric is not color blind. Even though this outfit may look like evidence to the contrary. While my camera doesn't capture the true essence--this is black and red pants, paired with some high contrast white socks, and a navy blue, grey & orange shirt. For the record, even though it made me twitch, I did leave him in it...

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Greener Pastures, Bigger Ponds

We have officially graduated to the big boy tub. Trying to bathe Callan in the infant tub was resulting in wet clothes, wet floors, and a mostly dry baby. Callan seems to love the bigger bath---lots of room for splashing and extra bonus--tub toys!

P.S. Nice work from the photography assistant on the duck placement. Teenage Callan will thank you.

Shave and a Haircut

or at least a haircut. Eric has pretty much been begging me to cut Callan's hair since Callan was 6 weeks old. I held off as long as possible....a few more weeks and I feared we'd be mimicking The Donald's comb over/around. Here are our before pics.....

and an after. I definitely need to get some hair scissors...poor Callan's first hair cut was with my trusty Fiskars (fabric scissors) but I maintain that they were a more appropriate choice than the clippers Eric wanted to use!!!!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Baby Bogan

One of Callan's favorite Christmas presents is his new sled! Of course, we haven't had an ounce of snow since our inaugural voyage----but I'm sure it won't be long! Vegas is going to try and pull Callan next time--we'll see if he has a future in the Ididarod.

Christmas Catch Up

OK! BAD BLOGGER! I guess I took a little blog-cation....but we're back in action now!
We had wonderful holidays! Eric and I were both able to take a few days off of work and enjoy lots of time with Callan, which was a treat! I think Callan missed seeing his Grandma Char everyday, and I think Grandma Char may have missed him a bit too!Callan was thrilled with Christmas! And by Christmas I mean the wrapping paper and all the new boxes there were to chew on! Eric and Callan worked out a system for gift opening which seemed to work well for them both.
Here are a few pictures from Christmas eve and Christmas Day.
Hope you all enjoyed wonderful holidays full of all the things that matter most!