Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Put A Sock In It!!!

Callan is working very hard on coaxing his top two teeth in. It's all he wants for Christmas.

So in what I believe is an effort to gnaw them on through...he puts EVERYTHING in his mouth. Anything he can reach. A special favorite is socks. We go through a few pairs a day as they seem to wind up soaking wet....


Is it a mere coincidence that the Chicago Bears pulled off a close game and secured a win the day after Callan wore his team gear for the first time? Alas, the world may never know. One thing I do know---this guy is handsome!!!!

Tastes Like Chicken

Well, it is chicken. Or it was. Until it was boiled and pureed....and then it becomes something else entirely. And they say chickens can't fly.....this one did!!!!!!!!!!

At our Dr.'s visit last week we learned that we could introduce meat to Callan. (I guess that would be meet meat?) Let's just say it wasn't love at first bite...but we keep trying!

Also, update on the Dr.'s visit---I do not have a future as a carnival/sideshow weight/age guesser. (So my affinity for fair food will have to remain a passing fancy and not become a diet staple. My arteries just breathed a sigh of relief. ) Callan weighs 20 lbs and is 29.5 inches tall! Even though it doesn't appear that he is eating well---we must be getting some in!

Yule Blog

OK! I have had several blogs rambling around in my head for the past few weeks. So in a perfect world, I would now go on to post several paragraphs detailing all the fun we have been having. But instead, in this world, on this day, I think I can manage some pictures---those are supposed to be worth a thousand words anyway, right?

Here are some pictures of our dear Callan meeting Santa. We did some prep work at home, he was unfazed by the big man. Just wanted to get a taste of that beard!!!!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Bottoms Up!

OMG! We have a six month old baby!!!!!!!!!!! Callan celebrated his six month birthday on Friday! I can not believe how fast the time has gone! Our little man is getting so big---height and weight to be confirmed on Monday during our Dr. appt---but I am going on record to enter my guess at 23 lbs and 30 inches. (If I am right, obviously, I have found my calling and can begin my new career as a carny.)

Callan got to spend his half-birthday with Grandma Char! He was able to raise a little toast to himself with his new sippy cup! He likes to bang it on his high chair and chew on it. Drink from it? Not so much!!!

Actually, I had a pair of birthday boys on my hands this week! Monday was Eric's birthday! My parents came over to watch Callan so we could go out to dinner. We had a great time---and so did Callan! I am certain the Indiana Jones hat is not indicative of the adventures that Callan had while we were gone, but it sure is cute!

Friday, December 5, 2008

I Left My Heart for San Francisco

Boo hoo hoo. This week I suffered through my first trip away from home. What misery!!!! Two years ago at this time I would have spent the weekend prior visit San Fran since I have never been, maybe venturing up to Napa...this week I was counting the hours I would be away from home and trying anything I could to shave a minute or two off my trip. What heartbreak to leave that little boy! It sure does give me a great appreciation for parents who have to go on trips that last longer than 68 hours.

Also, I am a bit of a high maintenance traveler. While gone are my days of multiple outfits for each day (unless they are for Callan) replacing that space in my luggage was my breast pump. OH, pumping in the airport is a special joy of its own. I think airports are filthy places when I am fully clothed...let alone selectively clothed and preparing a future meal for my baby. When I first arrived for my layover, I had a grand plan of how I could discretely manage pumping. These hopes were dashed when I learned the only bathroom outlets were in the mirrors above the sinks! I was dying thinking about that. Greetings ladies, Welcome to Las Vegas! I doubt that was the kind of Las Vegas style topless revue people had in mind!!! Luckily I discovered a hidden airport gem---the companion bathroom!!!! A single stall private bathroom! It felt like a spa compared to staring down that row of 30 sinks! So, one more badge to add to my new mom sash--Express Milk.

Of course, Callan and Eric got along just fine with out me. Eric even performed a daring feat of solo-baby-bathing. Impressive, no? One of the only things that made being away from Callan even remotely bearable was that I had these great pictures to look at! Auntie Angie got some great pictures of Callan smiling last weekend...and I must have looked at them about 400 times a day.

There is no place like home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!