Wednesday, October 28, 2009

An Unfortunate First

Dang IT! 16.5 months of Purell, antibacterial soap, limited outside contact with the real world, and spending every night in a degerming chamber....and it happened anyway. Our first Dr. confirmed illness...a sinus infection.

Boo hoo hoo! Callan is feeling MUCH better now, and good news for me he likes amoxicillin. Bad news for me, his father is an overzealous amoxicillin administrator and has splattered me, the innocent bystander/Callan-holder, not once but twice! Accident? Suspicious.

These pictures have pretty much nothing to do with Callan's sinus infection, except he was still healing while these were taken. Other than that. Nothing at all. But they sure are cute!!! Roger and Elaine brought in a 'spare' Tickle Me Elmo they happened to have lying around their house. Callan loved it!!!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

P-P-P-Pump It Up!

SDJ (Sleep Deprived Joslynn): Please. You can't figure out HTML coding. GIVE up on the slide show already. GO TO BED.
OCJ (Obsessive Compulsive Joslynn) : Ooooooooooo no. I can't give up! I am going to make this work!
SDJ: NO you really aren't. You can barely spell HTML let alone figure it out. Wikihow can't help you---you can't help yourself. GO TO BED.
OCJ: But I think I can get it! If I just keep trying. Ok. Maybe I won't figure it out tonight. But I'll at least post something.
something. or I'll be even farther behind!

These are my private conversations. With myself. Think I might need to get out more? Perhaps? Think I make a good point, I am BEHIND!??! Definitely. So let's go with that one. Solution. A quick post.
Just a little one.
Just a catch up.
SOOOo two weekends ago we had so much fun! We went camping! Yes---you are reading that correctly. I Joslynn Ann Hon had fun camping. Granted we were in cabins..but the refrigerators were small, so therefore roughing it. We went to Mahoney State Park with Eric's whole family. We had a great time! OCJ was able to set aside the germaphobia and allow Callan to play in his first ball pit. He loved it! He loved it even more that his cousins were showing him the ropes...jumping, throwing, climbing---all the good stuff! We were also able to squeeze in a visit to the SAC Museum and top off the day with a trip to Vala's Pumpkin Patch for our first ever hot dog roast. Good times were had by all. Any day that ends with a s'more is a good day by me. Callan loved having so much company and being able to watch Ryan, Luke and Rachael was a very special treat for him! Vala's was super great--especially compared to our last Pumpkin Patch visit! And bonus---no injuries or calls to PETA. Win win.
Here are some of the pics...or you are welcome to see the slide show in all its glory (even if I can't get the damn HTML coding to work. I can make a freakin' link people. A link.)