Saturday, November 21, 2009

A Good Day

Phew! I, for one, am very tired after a busy but fun day! Callan and I had swimming lessons this morning-the instructor says my kicking form is perfect! Kidding- but she did say that Callan was a little fish! We had lots of fun and Callan took full advantage of the situation to splash me repeatedly. We had some post class difficulties as I had to reeducate mayself on how exactly one shimmies out of a wet swim suit and into a dry bra, etc. While concealing the important bits behind a towel and trying to keep a hand and both eyes on Callan...acrobatic. Then we came home and got ready for our bi weekly Whole Foods lunch. Followed by a nap and then a dinner with our neighbors. Lots of fun and lots of action! Hopefully "we" get a few good hours of sleep tonight!

Thursday, November 19, 2009


Tired baby in bed. Tired husband in bed. Well rested dog in bed. I guess I should take the hint and head there myself! This might count as a cheating nablopomo post since it is officially about nothing but I don't think a senseless post is the equivalent of performance enhancing drugs...hopefully the /erman judge agrees.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Pig Pen

We braved the latest swine flu clinic today. It was quite a workout! Callan was NOT a fan of waiting in line. He cried and screamed for 30 minutes he wanted to get down and run around but instead he was restrained by the jail of mom. My arms are killing me--not from a shot but because I was schlepping a 10 pound purse a 20 pound diaper bag and a 30 pound baby. Here is a picture of Callan and I when I was trying anything I could think of to settle him down so thatwe weren't mauled by our neighboring line waiters. Food didn't work as a distraction, books were a no go, tractor rides were of no interest. The good news is that the line was the most painful part. And now I don't feel quite as compelled to make Callan a shut in knowing that he has had his first dose. Phew.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Tuesday is brought to you by the letter S

"SHhhhhhhhh!" Callan turned the tables on Eric this afternoon. When Eric tried to wake Callan up from his nap Callan shushed him! This is particularly funny as Eric has been shushing Callan everynight when he wakes up. The optimist in me thinks he is just trying to comfort Callan. The pessimist in me thinks he is telling both of us to be quiet so he can continue sleeping...which may or may not annoy me to the point of convulsion and rude gestures. So the pessimist in me really REALLY liked that Callan was serving up some just desserts!
Our second S word of the day is SNAKE!!! Which is what I found in the basement this evening. You may have seen it on the news 20 Ft Python Found in Basement Mother Saves Family from Iminent Doom. Fine it was a 6 inch garter snake that was trapped on one of our many glue traps set out for that exact purpose. But it did make me scream our third S word of the day.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Backdown Breakdown?

After spending the day in a bit of a haze, I am at odds about what to do tonight.
Let Callan cry in his room and not go get him, or try the same old things again. I just don't know. I really can't help but feel I am scarring him for life. I mean like so much so that I can no longer afford to go to Target because I need to start saving for therapy. It is heartbreaking to hear that little cry! I have a physiological reaction to it!!!! I feel like my insides are curdling like my nerves are misfiring --the set that listens to my brain repeat stay in bed stay in bed stay in bed and the set that listens to my heart and my instinct and says run to him RUN TO HIM! This tough love stuff is rotten.
It also occurred to me that last night was probably Callan's worst night of his whole life! He's probably never felt so mad or so hurt. I hate inflicting this!
But then again, I have no one to blame about this situation except for myself. So I guess I better hit the books. Research will make me feel better. I know it will.
Someone needs to invent a cry it out hot line. An all night 800 number you can call for moral support while enduring the "Ferver" method.
OY yoi yoi....
Don't judge me if I come to work tomorrow and have already had wine.

A million pieces

Right now it is 5 am. I am listening to Callan scream alternately between angry gasps of "MAMA" "Ooout" "gogogo" "nighnigh" MaaaMAa!"
I was just interupted by the sound of pajama'ed feet on the floor. Safety note to self: when you finally decide to woman up and have Callan cry it out try making sure he can't climb out of his crib first. It isn't flipping cars over but the climb out I think was an adrenaline result.
This has been coming for a few weeks now--or a year depending on who is counting I guess. Callan seems to never have fully adjusted to the time change. He either wakes up for the day at 5:30 or he wakes at about 3 a.m. Like it is 3 p.m. tonight it started like that again but he just wouldn't go back to sleep his bed our bed rinse repeat. So after an hour and a half of climbing, rocking, shushing and praying my exhaustion and 2ric got the best of me and I agreed to put him in his crib and leave him there....TORTURE! He is asleep again, I imagine he is exhausted! I have decided to roll the dice on staying up instead of going back to bed. I think a one hour nap will do me more harm than good at this point but I may feel differently come 3 this afternoon. I don't know what we will do or try tomorrow night but please wish us luck! And by luck I mean sleep. Yawn!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Overpromise, Underdeliver!

Good news, my blackberry post worked earlier today! hurray!
Bad news, we were so busy I didn't have time to take any new pictures or come up with an idea for my past due post.
Dang it.
I'll do better tomorrow!
I think I can! I think I can!

You are never too young for Starbucks!

Trying two new things: one probably a bad idea introducing Callan to smoothies from Starbucks, two trying a blog posting and photo from my phone. I know I owe two of them today since I was a slacker yest

Friday, November 13, 2009

Sounds Like

You know, as we add words to our vocabulary, and we work on our annunciation and pronunciation....sometimes what we mean and what we say aren't exactly the same.
I only hope that we don't have the need to say sit, duck, or caulk in a public setting in the near future.

Thursday, November 12, 2009


I was sitting here trying to think about what to post---Callan saying "Jimmy James," or him calling his blankey "so soft."
But instead how about what I was thinking about today, how lucky I am.
In a world full of things that are sometimes awful and a little rotten. I am as lucky as they come. I have a beautiful, healthy, brilliant little boy. A helpful partner. A mom who continues to help me create my whole universe through her generosity. A dad who finds being a grandparent to be the most thrilling thing in the universe. A family that is more loving and supportive than anyone has a right to. Friends that make me laugh.
I am so lucky.
And even more thankful.
I hope I can pass along some of this good fortune to Callan.
If his life so far is any indication, and the love he receives any measure, he might be the luckiest boy ever born.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Number Two, Take Two

Well hell. Things have gone to crap around here! ; )
Poop is our new favorite topic of conversation.
This morning I was persuaded by Callan to let him take a shower (he said Peese when he signed--heartbreakingly sweet!) and when we got out he was spending a few minutes sans diaper. The first thing he saw when he started exploring the closet was a small piece of brown fuzz. He pointed to it and declared--POOP.
I explained to him, no, not poop--fuzz. We need to take it to the trash. He insisted.
No, look---Mommy will take it to the trash see?
No, just trash.
Oh shit. Poop.
There it was. Laid out on the closet carpet, a nice fresh poop. Aurgh. Nothing like starting the morning out with a little carpet cleaning.
I need to learn my toddler inflection so I can better determine the difference between, declaration, inquisition and warning.
Something tells me I'll get plenty of practice!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


We had to have a take two on our bath yesterday...we were interrupted by an unidentified floating object.
Some how, a poop magically appeared in our bath. It was FASCINATING stuff! Callan had to run right out and alert Eric. Eric asked him what happened--Callan told him "poop!" He then proceeded to squat down and show him how such a thing might have occurred. Luckily, it was just a reenactment, not a repeat performance.
I thought we'd be recovered from the excitement but when we went to take our bath tonight, it was accompanied by a chorus of "POOOP, poop, PooP, pooooop, POOP MAMA! Poop!" So we had to talk about it and discuss why there are lots better things to find, or to make, in the bath.
The only things we had in there tonight were bubbles and toys.
Thank goodness!!!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Chef? Infomercial host?

Only time will tell. But Callan is showing promise in both areas! This morning I was getting a few things ready for the crockpot...which sounds easy enough but is a little more challenging with a 30 pound toddler on your hip. So you make some adaptations. You let him dump in things here and there...and you might teach him to use a handy kitchen appliance. One that is "As seen on tv," or at least similar to the ones on TV...the SLAP CHOP! You know--the Slap Chop/ShamWow guy has been having some personal issues anyways, so if those products are looking for a new razzle dazzle sales fella...I think I have their man! He says Chop Chop Chop while he pushes the's catchy, it's go a beat, and you can dance to it. Winner.
Plus, the stew was good too.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Lawn Mower with Envy

Doesn't have quite the same ring to it---but the meaning is the same! We've been working on learning our colors---we have BLUE down pat, and we sure know what green looks like...the only trouble is we think it is called Lawn Mower instead of green....I guess that's because we have---for soooo many months now said, green lawn mower...that the two are synonymous. So if you ask Callan what color the grass is: lawn mower. What color is the tree? Lawn mower. Is that sweet or what?
He has been working on lots of words--and will try like crazy to repeat any of them. This weekend we learned zoo, Lizzie (the neighbors dog) sunset and couple. Couple is a weird word to teach you think? Well...actually, we were trying for pickle...but it comes out coupkul. So maybe we should count that as two---pickle and couple? There's enough effort, I think it sounds fair.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Tie it up

We had an exciting first today---our first tie!!!! We went to Nate & Sarah's wedding tonight, and sorry Nate---but Callan was the handsomest fella there! Check him out!!!!

And YES, for anyone keeping track, I did dress Callan in four things that Eric refuses to wear...argyle, plaid, sweater vests and corduroys. All in one outfit! See---there are a few things I CAN control--people not so much--but occasionally things. Check!!! (Speaking of checks, that's another one to shoot for...Eric won't wear checks either.)

Our love to Sarah and Nate!

Friday, November 6, 2009

Men Who Stare at Goats

Almost. Instead we have a little man who looks away from goats. Close enough. Look out Clooney. We decided to take advantage of the great weather today and check out the zoo.

Here's Eric and Callan looking at the Gorillas...

Callan 'listening' to the birds

A lift up for a birds eye view of the birds...
ooooooooooooo what's in there?!?!

Dang those silly monkeys!!!


Ok. Missed a day. Making up for it now!
Had a looooooooong meeting yesterday which interfered with my blogability...dang that work!
So here's a new and funny thing Callan has been doing--he's learned a command. SIT!
He plops down on the floor/street/sidewalk/driveway/store floor and pats the floor next to him and says "sit." SOOO cute. Now if he says "good mommy" afterwards, we are going to have issues.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Who was crawling around on all fours panting this evening?
If you guessed Vegas, guess again!
If you guessed Eric, please stop!!!!
It was Callan! He has learned to pretend! He was crawling around panting and headed straight over to Vegas' food bowl. I had to intercept him at that point....we'll not leap ahead into method acting just yet.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Num nums and Dum Dums

Trick or treat! Callan had a fabulous Halloween season! I don't know what to call it other than a season---it certainly is more than one measly day!!!

FIRST we started out modeling our monkey costume, which was paired with our very sought after banana costume (which I was only able to secure after a bidding war on Ebay. Damn it.) Here's a picture of our models. Callan was considerably more cooperative than Vegas---but then again that's every day! ; )
Up next? Pumpkin carving! I'm glad we chose the small pumpkins to work on, because lets just say that other than the initial exploration, I was pretty much the only interested party. Callan wanted to get everyone involved and worked very hard on selling Vegas on the idea of eating the pumpkin guts. Fortunately, pumpkin seeds can be added to the list of things Vegas actually won't lets see...that is officially two things: onions and pumpkin guts. Here are some pictures of Callan showing me his big smile just like the pumpkin!

And we weren't done yet! Then we got to take a test run of our Dragon costume at our very first Halloween party! We went to the QLI party with PaPa. Callan had so much fun! There was dancing, balloons, bubbles and num nums---what could be better?

Where can we go from here? You guessed it---more num nums! Time for trick or treat practice at NiNi & PaPa's! I think NiNi wanted to give the whole bowl to Callan, but luckily the dragon paws interfere with dexterity a bit---so handling one piece at a time was about as good as we could do. Phew!

And then, we were ready for the BIG time!!!! The Trick or Treating! Callan was totally excited---mostly because the night involved ringing doorbells and seeing LOTS of DoDos (dogs). It was however, a little confusing, because for the first time we rang the doorbell but did NOT go inside. Although not for lack of inviting ourselves...there was lots of leaning, pointing and GO GOs! But no tears when we had to turn around and do it all over again--the candy really does help soften the blow. The other thing that was a little difficult to understand is that we've worked hard on the idea that when we eat, we sit. So every time Callan got a treat---he wanted to eat it, and he wanted to sit down to do so. Even in the street. So next time we'll have to bring a chair I guess.

All in all, a very Happy Halloween!!! Thanksgiving---here we come!

Monday, November 2, 2009


My guilt has gotten the best of me and I thought perhaps peer pressure would help push me towards the goal of being a better blogger. So I joined NaBloPoMo...National Blog Posting Month. I am supposed to post a blog EVERY DAY! Every SINGLE day!!!! We'll can't hurt to try, right??? I had to sneak two in today, since I missed the first day. And I am hoarding my Halloween stories until tomorrow--something tells me I am going to need a stock pile of stories and pics.
Wish me luck!