Tuesday, September 30, 2008

They say it's your birthday...

Well, it's not our birthday too...but we have had lots of birthdays to celebrate since our last post. (Sorry I'm a bit belated--but you can see we've been celebrating!)

So, before our Callan news--Happy belated birthdays to Stephanie and Christine! And Happy Birthday to my Dad! Callan bought his first Grandparent's card...exciting stuff!

Since last we met, our most note able milestone is a mark of independence---holding our own bottle!!!! We have also been very busy working on our leg strength. Callan kicks at lightning speed (so fast the camera can't catch him--see his blur!) and when you are holding him he loves to "stand." I also think we have had a bit of a growth spurt....suddenly our size 6 months aren't nearly as roomy as they were a week ago!

Callan attended his first dinner party at our friends Jenny & Jerry's! (It was Callan's favorite--BYOB!) We had beautiful weather, delicious food and great company--lots of fun!

Last week Callan had his new longest car ride ever! Callan's Aunt Gwynne and I took him to Lincoln for a photo session with Aunt Beth. We (me) had so much fun! Callan's primary goal of the shoot was eating....so between glugs Beth was able to take pictures and Gwynne and I rattled, squeaked and babbled to try and coax a smile out of him. Teamwork!

We also had Gwynne, Christine and Stephanie over to celebrate the girls' birthday, he was calm enough to let everyone hold him for a minute or two. He was so tired from the photo shoot and the birthday party that he went to bed early. Just in time for us to watch The Office (oh, how I have missed it!) what a little angel!

Today I went home for lunch to celebrate my Dad's birthday. What a treat to get to see my baby boy and my parents in the middle of the day! It made it hard to come back to work!

This weekend we are looking forward to a visit from Uncle Ethan, Aunt Liza and puppy-cousin Baxter!


P.S. Speaking of celebrations---our love and congratulations to Amanda on passing her boards and becoming a licensed Aesthetician! Hooray!!!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

When Animals Attack (or Our First Jog)

It was bound to happen. Living in the wiles of suburbia you will eventually encounter one of nature's misplaced beasts. Last night on our walk, an attempt was made on our lives. We were attacked by a vicious 9" garter snake. It came out of no where, slithering into the street from the golf course. It was between my foot and the stroller wheel when I finally saw it. I shrieked and ran!!!! When I finally felt that we were out of danger I stopped to see Callan smiling away in his stroller--either he was amused by my antics or he really likes jogging. For repeatability sake I guess we have to hope for the former! Vegas, who LOVES to hunt animals that could be kept as pets like bunnies and birds; didn't even sniff it. Animals so sweet they are in every cartoon ever drawn--those he likes to eat. Scary snakes he just strolls right on by. Who trained him?!

Obviously, I hate snakes. But as I was pushing Callan to safety (home) that is when fear really hit me. I realized that if we have a similar encounter next year, I might have to stop and let Callan look at the snake. And fast forward two years he may even want to touch it or pick it up!!!!!!!! I will have to swallow the heeby jeebies and mom-up, I guess! I think I might have to seek reptilian counseling. (and add a package of protective gloves to our diaper bag)

Enough with my drama---this is supposed to be about Callan! He is very glad that the weather is being more cooperative. He loves to go outside! Eric likes to take him out in his "backpack" every evening. If he is feeling a little fussy that settles him right down! (And Callan likes it too! :)

Our other excitement was a trip to Target! Callan hasn't been to Target except to run in for the essentials, but this week he went with me for the full two hour ordeal. He was so agreeable! He helped me pick out his diapers and then he took a very nice nap, waking up just in time to charm the checkout gal. What a guy!

When I can force tummy time on him, he's doing a great job of lifting his shoulders off the ground. He has only rolled onto his side, not completely over yet, but I think it has more to do with lack of practice time than with capabilities. I have a feeling we'll be seeing that soon! Here's some photographic proof and a few others just for fun.....

Hope everyone has a great weekend!!!


Callan, Eric, Joslynn & Vegas

Thursday, September 11, 2008

If this gym is a rockin' ...

Other titles considered:

1. Ringmaster
2. Mr. Thumbkin
3. Fan-scination Street

Last week we honed our skills from fist sucking to thumb sucking! And we are definitely showing a preference for our right hand instead of our left (or Righty and Lefty as Grandma Char likes to say).

Callan is more and more interested in his toys--even showing like and noticeable disinterest depending on the timing and the item. He loves a light-up talking butterfly that his cousin Rachael picked out for him --here's Aunt Angie entertaining him with it. And he LOVES ceiling fans---they mesmerize him! He watches ours and just smiles away at it. (Go figure. I hate that fan and have wanted to take it down since we moved here. Guess it will stay for a while longer.) He has also been enjoying some rather delicious and fun rings combined with his baby gym--which brings us to our clip of the week---our baby gym workout! Also--thanks to my mom for telling me that my videos do actually have sound! I guess that's what I get for turning the volume off on my computer so as not to wake Callan! Whoops!

Callan has been smiling and cooing a lot---I have a feeling we are just a few weeks away from our first giggle. His 'talking' has been getting steadily louder--I think he occasionally scares himself with his volume. It certainly surprises both Eric and I since we are both such quite voiced individuals. (sheesh!)

While he still isn't a fan of traditional tummy time, he has really been enjoying laying across my lap for a short little nap here and there. It's pretty funny to see him zonk out, arms and feet hanging, like reverse hammock.

I have begun a terrible habit of living vicariously through my son...and I don't see an end in sight! I have discovered that shopping for someone who is outgrowing their clothes (for good reason!!!) and needs new things with every change in weather is really rather delightful! You can construct a whole wardrobe without ever setting foot in the dressing room. He is also too young to complain about the things I like and his dad won't try--like sweaters! I shall enjoy it while it lasts!

Friday, September 5, 2008

What in the Wide World of Sports?

OK. The facts: I've lived in Nebraska my entire life. I've never liked watching sports ( or playing them). And I've never really felt the need o fake my fandom...until now. Last weekend we went on a family outing to Husker Hounds so that Callan would be properly attired for the game. Eric got a new Huskers shirt too, so I felt a pang of left-outedness and I caved...purchasing my first piece of Husker apparel. It only took Callan three months and me thirty-one years. Go figure. Not the first first he has inspired me to and certainly not the last! I should also mention that Eric believes it is no mere coincidence that it was both Callan's first Husker game and Bo Pellini's. Possibly we are getting a little ahead of ourselves...

We had a great Labor Day weekend--lots of family time! Here are a few pictures from our festivities. I feel so lucky to be able to share Callan with our family---it is a beautiful thing to see this little man be so loved and celebrated by everyone we love. Lucky us!!!

In addition to our family gatherings, Callan also got to spend a day with my friend Amanda. We had so much fun! Callan was generous enough to take an afternoon nap long enough that I could enjoy the benefits of Amanda's training as an esthetician and get a facial! It was heaven!
Tomorrow night my parents are going to spend the evening with Callan while Eric and I go out on a date! A dinner eaten sitting down using two hands will be hard to get used to, but I think it will come back to me!