Sunday, September 27, 2009

C is for CAT

but Callan hasn't tried to say cat yet. I guess there is no need--we don't see a lot of cats around here (I think I just heard Vegas say 'Thank GOD!'). So he doesn't hear us say it, therefore he doesn't try to repeat it.
He does try to repeat other words.
Other words that start with C.
Like Crap.
I guess it is officially time to start self censoring.

Take THAT Bell Curve!

Average shmaverage, that's what we say! We are off the charts people! Off the chart growth--and off the chart SMARTS! (I guess that's not genetic or the previous sentence would have been complete and grammatically correct. Anywho...)

We had our 15 month check up last week. Can you even believe it? One year, one quarter---one great Callan! So here's how we measure up to the rest of the 1.25 year olds.

height: 35 inches


weight: 29 pounds


brain case: 19 cm


According to the Dr., 1.25yr old boys are supposed to know three words? Only three??? PUH lease---here's some of his latest and greatest/and the old standbys:

lawn mower







dodo (dog)

num nums (ice cream)


bye bye














vroom vroom


uh huh

Take that bell curve, we don't even need a curve on our chart!!! Just a straight line up up up!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


That's the newest term for vacations where you don't work but stay close to home, right? Well Mr. Callan had a staycation of the best kind. He got to stay at home but have vacation from his parents! Nini and Papa spent all weekend with Callan while Eric and I headed to the Lake of the Ozarks.
Here are my thoughts on what was happening at our house.
Callan's weekend:
breakfast in bed
mid morning snack: ice cream
lunch: pizza, to drink: malts
afternoon activity: eat ice cream
dinner: pizza
evening activity: blind taste test: ice cream vs custard
night night
Meanwhile, here's what we GOT to do:
DAY one:
6 HOUR car drive to Missouri.
Check into world's most HORRIBLE motel. Officially marks new worst place I've ever stayed...worse than a leaking tent. Seriously. This place was horrific. I thought it would be bad, but it was way worse than bad. The good news is there was electricity. Just enough---one outlet for the room with a power strip and one outlet in the bathroom. There was also carpet in the bathroom, 75 thread count sheets, one porthole/window that looked into the hallway, and since obviously you'd want to spend ALL your time relaxing in your resort like accommodations, all the HBO you can watch on your 9inch TV. It should have occurred to me when one of their property 'pluses' was FREE HBO. If that is the only good thing you can say about your place, times are tough. I knew I was in really bad shape when the 'amenities' included a trial size bottle of Breck Shampoo. Seriously. I've never in my life used Breck and I'm fairly certain it stopped being manufactured about three decades ago. Think this place could use some updating??!?!? UGH!
WHY was this happening to me? All in the name of J-O-B. No, not Jobe, Job. Eric's job. Let the back patting begin. Good and dutiful wife. Good and dutiful wife. Yay me.

Day 2:
14 hours on a houseboat.
good news, beautiful scenery.
bad news, no CALLAN!
Day 3:
speed all the way home.
We were both so glad to be home and see our baby! Here are some pictures I took at the park on the evening of our reunion...who would choose to be away from this guy???

Fair Well

Last week Callan got to partake in a Hupf family tradition. The Nebraska State Fair!

What's that you say?

Another excuse to eat ice cream?

YES. Any excuse to eat ice cream!

side note. I discovered that the question that most often follows my declaration of "FAIR day!" is, "Did you buy a pool?" Answer. No. People, that was a one time thing. If you think Eric would fall for that again, you are sorely mistaken. Sheesh. One time you make an impulse purchase of an above ground pool at the fair and no one lets you forget about it.

Callan had a great time getting to spend the day with his Ni Ni and GG! Not to mention getting to meet horses, pigs, chicks, lambs and a funnel cake! (kidding. we just smelled them, I didn't let him indulge. He was still eating his breakfast round of ice cream at the time. one thing at a time!)

I had forgotten all there is to see at the fair, and then there are the exhibits, too! ; ) There is something about being at the fair that makes me seriously consider vegetarianism. Prize winning tomatoes don't stare back at you making you feel sorry for every capresi salad you've ever eaten. However, a sweet little baby piglet makes me reconsider my past breakfast meat indiscretions. In fact, I was totally relating to the pigs this fair. This scene alone had me totally thinking---"oh girl, I know how you feel!" But I don't think this sow was into telepathy, or perhaps relating. But then again, you are busy when you've got 10 little ones on your hands, so I'll try not to take it personally.

Callan did an awesome job of staying in his stroller, provided we kept up our end of the bargain and were actually strolling. When we slowed down some place where there were no animals, or marching bands or food Callan would point to the EXIT sign ( I swear he can read!) and shake his head so vigorously you'd swear it was going to roll right off his little neck.

When he finally did get out of his stroller, he was a man on a mission! He ran through the fair grounds whooping and hollering. He was a streak from the orange cones to the garbage can to the dirt to the wood chips. A lap over to the smoker shaped like a pig and back to the the chainsaw sculptor. Had I mapped him I imagine it would have looked something like one of those old Family Circus cartoons of Billy going to get something (remember those?)

I suppose this might just be my last trip to the year it moves to Grand Island, and I think driving 2 hours to explore the stick food group is a little over the top. Even for me. I have so many great memories of the fair growing up. Heck, the fair introduced me to a few great life experiences. 1. Monster cookies. 2. NKOTB! (first concert ever!) and 3. the joy of purchasing with my hard won allowance a beautiful feathered roach clip (SHEESH!) that I would try to clip on my ear for a sweet earring and then when I couldn't take the pain anymore transfer to my hair for a make shift rat tail. (The 80s were full of great ideas, I totally see why we're reliving them.) It was really special to share something that I have such great memories of with Callan, my mom and grandma. And even more special to get to share things like Pineapple Whip (mmm!) that my Grandpa shared with me. But Grandpa, if your listening---I draw the line at pop!!! So, fare well Fair. Thanks for everything!

Cous(in) I said so

So in my newly (ha!) belated fashion, a past due post.
A few weeks ago we were lucky enough to host Eric's family for a pizza dinner. Callan was LOVING getting to see his cousins in action. He watched Ryan and Luke show him what his golf clubs can do---besides be toted around and banged on the floor. And he got to spend some time with Rachael, who he seems to just adore. Proof below.

In other cousin related news, last week Callan was treated to a first ever baby sit by Uncle Grant! What a lucky guy (Callan)! Grant cleared his schedule to watch Callan for us while I had a work dinner and Eric a golf tournament. Grant shrugged off my 15 paragraph email with instructions on the two hours he'd be spending with Callan--what we usually do when, etc. (Fine. Yes I can appreciate that it might be a bit controlling to send detailed notes on what to feed a 1 year old to a Chef. Perhaps even ironic, but Grant's been the subject of my neurosis for years, he's accustomed.) Callan was happy to see Grant and got so excited showing off for him that he needed a nap. So Grant let him take a little nap...but when Callan woke up Grant was no longer in the company of a happy go lucky little boy, but instead a crying sad little guy. Apparently, it was a fairly trying two hours for them both. So much so that when I asked Grant how it went, he relayed this story to me:

Johanna called to see if she should come over and heard Callan crying. She said "Oh, great, I suppose now you don't want to have kids?!!" and I said was "you wouldn't either if you were here right now!"

So I guess I'll have to wait a while before I ask for that favor again? And I suppose we don't have to wonder if Callan will be having any new cousins in the immediate future.

Controlling the population, one family at a time. Who's next?