Sunday, November 30, 2008

Gobble Gobble Goo and Gobble Gobble Gickel

We celebrated Callan's first Thanksgiving in our usual style! A costumed reenactment of the Pilgrim's first harvest meal after their journey on the Mayflower. Or maybe we just went to my
parent's house for a delicious meal and a legitimate seeming reason to have a glass of wine before noon. Either way---lots of fun!
Angie and Joe were able to come home from Chicago, and GG came down from Hastings to spend the day with us before traveling to greatgrandchildpalooza in MN...where she got to see the rest of her great grand kids. Grant and Johanna came over after lunch at her folks'. We missed Ethan and Liza but will look forward to getting to see them at Christmas!
This Thanksgiving, maybe more than ever, I feel so thankful. The kind of thankful that wells your eyes and makes it hard to swallow. I feel like the luckiest girl in the world to be Callan's mom. Watching him in his carseat as we drove to my parents house I was reflecting on how much had happened in the last year---how 12 months can seem so amazingly long and short at the same time. At this time last year, Eric and I had just moved into our house...and I was spending every spare moment either sleeping or bemoaning my never ending morning sickness. And now, a year later we have this amazing little man, who absolutely lights up my entire life and has made me look at everything and everyone differently. I am truly so thankful, so amazed at what I get to learn and what Callan teaches me every day. And my gratitude is so deep for our wonderful families, who love us and help us in countless ways. We love and are loved--we are rich beyond measure.
I hope you all had wonderful Thanksgivings! Thank you for reading this and keeping up on our little man. We are very glad to have you to share with.
Much love,
Callan, Eric, Vegas & Joslynn

Friday, November 21, 2008

Suck On It

Callan hasn't ever been much for a binki. Sure, there have been times here and there where he has enjoyed the occasional paci, but not a regular thing by any means. So when my Mom discovered that he might enjoy using the binki as his teether--it was pretty amusing. He kind of gnaws on it and it squeaks. He also is getting very good at hand-mouth coordination--he can even put his own binki in his mouth! And he also tried to give Vegas a go at it, but there was parental intervention.

It's not easy eatin' green...

Last weekend while Eric was out cheering the Huskers on to victory, my parents and Grant and Johanna came over to eat dinner with us. Callan was thrilled with the audience...and was particularly happy when Grant and Johanna arrived in time to distract me from 'helping' him try a new food---green beans. As you might imagine, they didn't go over well. I didn't expect that they would, but I had a game plan. I figured if I tried the green beans with bananas, it might make the bananas seem better tasting. Let's just say I underestimated my son. Not only did he hate the green beans and continued hating the bananas, he developed a new skill, which is the side-spoon-sip. He now buttons up his little lips and sucks in just a little taste from the spoon. If it is something he likes...say applesauce and sweet potatoes, well then he just opens that little mouth as wide as can be and life is good. If it is something not on our 'approved' list--that little mouth stays zipped shut.


After recovering from his near poisoning, Callan requested a new dinner and I obliged---going the pear and squash route---much to his delight. We had a great night with my folks and Grant and Jo. It's so fun to see Callan watch everyone, he is definitely a little observer. It is especially wonderful to see him recognize people. He knows my mom by her name now--when you tell him 'Grandma' is coming--he seems to know just what that means; lots of love and cuddles and good times await!

Sittin' Pretty

Guess who's trying out their sitting skills? Preparing for all of those hours spent in school desks and on the couch and in the car---a lifetime of future sitting all built on a foundation formed in the next few weeks. Oh, what mountains to climb! Well, if practice makes perfect, we are on the road to the sitting hall of fame. Callan is trying to sit up all the time--when he is supposed to be getting buckled into his car seat, or his bouncer, or his swing... and then of course while playing or sitting in some one's lap. He is just so dang strong! Here's a little time lapse photography of one of our sessions this week. The good news is we have definitely improved since our days at the pumpkin patch---we probably had a good 15-20 seconds during this photo shoot as opposed to the 1.5 seconds in the pumpkin patch debacle!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Let Me Get Them Digits

Callan has officially discovered his feet as he can now get them into his mouth! Hmm. Foot in mother, like son I guess!

Where Stuffed Animals Go to Die

It's really unfortunate that Callan's favorite teething vice seems to be stuffed animals. Someone else in our house really loves stuffed animals too. Loves them so much he just can't seem to help himself....
These are our latest casualties of the crime wave. I think we are on about 8 'kills' and 5 or 6 severe maimings. Rest in peace Froggie, Cuddle Bear and Rock'll be missed, but please know you were delicous.

A Night at the Museum

Callan had his first visit to the Children's Museum this weekend! He got to go with all of his cousins to check out the new dinosaur exhibit. As expected, the dinosaurs, even the animatronic ones, were not nearly as interesting as watching all the kids! Callan had so much fun watching everyone that by the time he remembered he was overdue for a snack and a nap, we were in the absolute loudest part of the museum. No bother to him--despite the sirens wailing, the kids jumping on huge tin pistons, and the screaming---he feel soundly asleep. It was great fun to be with all of Eric's nieces and nephews!

The next day we went to Wahoo to celebrate Eric's grandma's 93rd Birthday. Callan was pleased to see the guest of honor, but especially pleased to see his first mylar balloon. I believe his father was slightly concerned by the character on the balloon and whether Callan's interest was in the balloon or the doll on the balloon, especially when his nieces starting teasing him--but he very convincingly pretended not to notice.

We had many other birthdays to celebrate in the last week...
First, Amanda! Happy Birthday! We hope that you had a great day celebrating with Hannah and Justin, and that you were able to find a suitable restaurant in Boone. Ok. How about just a restaurant w/o a drive through. Ok. Hope you were able to find a restaurant in Boone. Miss you!
Up next, Johanna! Johanna was hanging' tough celebrating her birthday all weekend!!! In fact, even though I said, please don't go girl---she capped it off with a very special event----the New Kids on the Block Reunion Concert. So sorry I missed it. They've got the right stuff, I'll be loving them forever. Happy Birthday Johanna!
Our third birthday of the week is Liza! We hope you had a great party and were able to enjoy some downtime relaxing with Ethan and Baxter! Looking forward to seeing you at Christmas!
Our last Birthday of the week---KIMMY! Happy Birthday--hope it is filled with all the things you love. Like beer, crab legs, beer, line dancing, beer and for dessert, beer.

Kris Kross Will Make Ya...

JUMP! JUMP! (Backwards jersey anyone? Yeah '92!)

OH, we started trying out our jumping skills a few weeks ago. We used our training wheels (parents, grandparents) to get the feel of it at first...(sorry about the camera angle...and the bad lighting---our production budget is limited.)

And then we moved on to the big time. Callan is loving his jumperoo at the moment. As he gets closer to it his little legs just start pumping away---he knows just what to do in there!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Run (to the) Forrest, Run

We have been having such beautiful weather, we wanted to get Callan out to enjoy it, so we took a trip to Fontanelle Forrest. For those of you who know me, you can see the love pouring out in those words...I, Joslynn, WANTED to go out and be in nature. Wow, babies really do change you! We had a terrific day. We'll look forward to going back when Callan can explore a little more.

Sorry, Huskers! Or Sorry Huskers!

Eric asked me for help dressing Callan on Saturday. Which I soon learned only meant physically dressing him, as I listened to Eric explain to Callan that we don't have a choice what we wear on game day, we live in Nebraska, we wear Husker clothes. And so it was...

But I guess it wasn't enough spirit to save our poor Huskers! It wasn't for lack of trying on our part! Eric's family came over for a pre-game dinner. His folks and sister Gwynne and his nieces Christine and Stephanie were all able to join us. Callan had a great time playing with everyone!

It's a Dirty Job, but Somebody's Got To Do It

We had a great Halloween! We went to visit Grandpa Mike at work, Grandma Char and our family friends Jolene & Arlene. Callan had a great time being out and about and meeting new people! He was quite a trooper! He even permitted me to put him in his puppy costume twice! What a patient little guy he is!

While we were at QLI, we needed a quick change... and just as we were headed the floor, my Dad offered up his desk---what a loving Grandpa! And especially memorable for Callan as he could see Grandpa, and gaze at my kindergarten, junior and senior pictures...I'm surprised he wasn't scared seeing hair that big. Also, I wonder if it might be time for my Dad to update his desk photos?!?

Stop, Chomp and Roll

WE HAVE TEETH!!!!!!!!!! OK, tooth. How fitting that our first tooth shows itself the day before our Halloween...the favorite holiday of tooth decay. We tried very hard to get a picture of our new little sharpie, but only succeeded in temporarily blinding Callan with the flash, and getting pictures of my fingers and his tongue covering his tooth. I included those anyway, just to show our efforts!

In other firsts, Callan started to roll over! He's not particularly fond of it, it is by no means a transportation mode just yet...but he can flip from stomach to back and is dangerously close from back to stomach. This was also way to challenging for my poor photographic skills...also I decided it isn't a good idea to leave a rolling baby alone while I go get my camera. I think Callan's days of staying where we put him are numbered. In fact we are down to hours I think.... We are on the move. LOOK out!