Monday, June 29, 2009

Bare Back

Giddy up!!!!

A Gold Watch

Warning. Maybe don't read this if you are my father/brother/boss/squeamish/don't want to read about my boobs. Otherwise, continue....(at your own risk).

Dear Girls.

What a year it has been.

Until last June you were caged, shrouded, enclosed. Indoor boobs. You were form, not function. We had our times, oh we had our times. You filled out and over too many things to remember. Lets face it, you may have, on occasion even earned me a complimentary drink. And I thank you for it. You were esteemed. You were there for me always---being smashed into a sports bra, or pouring over the top of a dress. Making me wish there were zipper down shirts instead of button down shirts. Making me feel a little better about a big ass/big hair/big thighs/big stomach. After all, proportion is important and you set the stage.

You were you. And sometimes, you were me.

And now.

Well, things aren't as they were.

You've been freed. A year ago I swore that by damn, since my child rearing hips didn't actually pass a child through them my damn child rearing breasts were going to pull their weight. And you did. I made a promise to Callan while he was in the NICU that I would do everything I could to help him get as healthy a start as possible. You, with the aid of your devoted companion, the Medella best pump, have set him off on a healhty begining. You've seen more daylight (and nightlight, and storelight and office light) in the last year than ever in your history. You've embarrassed my brothers/dad/father in law/brother in laws. And you are better because if it. Are you a little less full of yourself? Yes. Are you a little worse for the wear? Yes. You endured brutality. Horrible bras. Ugly, ugly bras. BITING! Chafing! Swelling! SAGGING!

But come on! You fed a baby! It was an amazing experience.

You turned a little 10 pound baby into a 28 pound toddler!

And now,'s time to hang up your flaps. No more nursing bras for you. You can slide into a more stable home. Something without easy access panels. Something that holds its shape with or without you. You can part with the pump and rest easy. Your work is done. You can go into retirement. You've earned your gold watch. I don't know how you'll wear it, but you have certainly earned it. Thank you for not letting us down. We love you. And we pray to God that you get some elasticity back. Engineering can only do so much for us.

Love and thanks,


Father Knows Best

Belated blog. We celebrated Father's Day in three days for three fathers. Eric's dad came over to eat dinner with us, we celebrated with my dad by going out to breakfast and to the farmers market, and then we spent the day at home celebrating with Eric. I kept thinking it was Eric's first Father's Day, but it wasn't! Callan was born the Thursday before Fathers Day 08, but we spent the day in the NICU. What a great and wonderful contrast this was! Callan and I made breakfast, lunch and dinner for Eric. He thought a guy might be able to get used to that kind of thing....and then Monday came. Ah, poor Eric!

Mow, Mow, Mow Your Boat

Eric decided that since Callan turned one, it was time to get started on his chores. If he can master the grass, Eric thinks he'll be able to teach him the snow blower routine just in time for winter.

Callan loved the bubble mower that Aunt Angie got him! To make the bubbles go you have to get going pretty fast---which we had no problem with. However, to make the bubbles keep going, you must keep moving. And darn it if those bubbles aren't just so distracting! Callan will get the mower going just enough to get a few bubbles and then he chases the bubbles and has to start over. He doesn't seem to mind a bit!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

We're Number One!!!!!

I can still hardly believe as I type this that I am the mother of a one year old little boy! In so many ways the year seems to have speed by and it seems like yesterday that I was holding a newborn in my arms praying that he would get out of the NICU. And in other ways that seems like with all that has changed, it must have been ten years ago. Callan has grown into a wonderful little fellow. I realize I may not be exactly 'objective' but seriously, is this not the cutest guy you've seen---EVER???!!!!

He had an absolutely wonderful birthday! Eric and I spent the day with him Friday and then we went to NiNi and PaPa's to see all the out of towners. Lots of fun! And on Saturday we got ready for the big party! Callan had a great time. I don't know what he thought of so many people admiring him, but since it was an occasion to have coolers out filled with ice, he was all for it. I had no idea how fascinating those things would be to him. (side note: he has started to call beer bottles Dad. "Relax" much, Eric???) He did not disappoint and enjoyed every spreadable inch of his little birthday cake. Uncle Grant made the cutest cake ever, and it was every bit as delicious as it looked! Callan agrees!

We were so lucky to have nearly all of our family here, we were only missing Eric's niece who decided on a rotation in Belize instead of a first birthday party. Some people, eh? ; ). All of Callan's great grandparents were able to come, including my grandparents from Albuquerque who were able to meet Callan for the first time. (They were charmed, of course!) We had a wonderful day and were truly, truly blessed to be able to celebrate such a special occasion with so many people who love our little man! Thank you to our friends and family for an unforgettable day! (yes, I know---Callan wont' remember! But I'll never forget!)

As you can imagine, after such a shin dig--we had some serious cleaning up to do. And wouldn't you know it, not only is Callan handsome, he is smart as whip! I was packing us up for a trip to NiNi and PaPas on Sunday and as I turned around he was grabbing the table cloth off the dining room table, he took it into the laundry room and tried to open the washing machine to load it up. Is that the sweetest or what? I can't wait until he learns to fold!!!!

What an amazing year it has been. I couldn't have prepared for it, I couldn't have planned for it, and I couldn't have asked for anything more. YAY Callan!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Gettin' Jiggy With It

Cuz we got skills. Apparently Callan inherited a trademark dance move from each Eric and I. The "knee bend" and the "butt-to-floor." I'll let you guess what belongs to whom...

Big things this week---Callan turns one on Friday. I absolutely cannot believe how fast this year has gone. Faster than a dog can eat your dinner.

My little sweetie loves to share! And Vegas is soooo happy to be the recipient. A baby feeding a dog food. What could go wrong?(!)

Can't wait to post about Callan's birthday! Yay!



Tuesday, June 2, 2009

A Cult Like Following

Hey people! What the heck? Thank GOD I started a blog instead of a cult.

TWO followers?!?!!? I stayed up late one night to add this google gadget to my blog and all I got were TWO followers? Albeit super awesome followers...the fabulous Kim and Jill!!!

See, you'll be in good company.
Come on!

Following the blog is much easier than actually following us. What will I tell Callan if he only has two followers? He'll be able to count that high soon!

Do it.
You know you want to.

Hugs with pleading eyes,

Monday, June 1, 2009

Meet the Fockers

Just like in the movie, our brilliant baby knows sign language! He has become so interested in communicating. He's got the baby-sign for milk down, hands open and close. And he has created his own sign language for poopy pants. The bunny sniff. It is very, very funny! I mean, that is all you really need---to tell someone when you are hungry or thirsty and to let them know that one of you stinks. That about covers it!

He is also building his vocabulary! About two weeks ago I swear he said UP to me, and last week BALL. This week, ENVIRONMENT. Kidding. But it is amazing how many new sounds he is making and how frustrated he gets when you don't listen to what he is trying to tell you! I'm not sure it counts as a word, but if you show him a truck or tractor he'll make the "brmmmmm" sound.

He is also perpetually exploring. Touching, grabbing, clapping, banging, licking, ripping...he wants to get everything figured out. Here he is trying to figure out the strap that holds the outdoor umbrella closed.

He has started mimicking and will try something after you demonstrate. He has also started to initiate game peek-a-boo. When we were cleaning this weekend he went over to the bed and put his head under the comforter to start playing. So sweet!!!! He walks every where and has little time or patience for being carried or carted. If you have him strapped into his car seat/stroller/highchair you had better mean business because his patience is NOT going to last long!

Speaking of his high chair, he is trying very hard to be able to use a spoon! It is a messy, messy learning experience but one that Vegas is very much enjoying.

Callan never ceases to amaze me with all that he learns and all that he is capable of. Even with out many words he his funny, smart and kind. I can see that for everything he learns, I have a few hundred lessons I should take from him.

Puppy Love

AW! Callan got to meet his newest canine cousin, Moxie! Callan loves dogs, because of all their curious waggling and licking and dogs love Callan on account of all the misc. bits of food stuck to his fingers/face/hair/leg/elbow/ear. A mutually beneficial relationship!

Yesterday was Uncle Grant's birthday, so we got more practice with the birthday song and some ice cream practice. SHEESH! It's like I have no control! OH, wait, I don't. Get used to it, eh?

Callan also got to try out a new rocking chair! Or at least new to him. This is my dad's from when he was a baby. As our favorite yellow haired bear befriender might say, "it was just right." All he needed was some porridge. You know, to go with his ice cream.