Saturday, April 24, 2010

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Golf Fever

Callan will be the first to tell you ----he's got the golf fever! It's an epidemic.


We had a great weekend, Ethan came to visit us! Callan enjoyed getting to see Ethan. Although he had some important advice to impart: NOMOKING Uncle Ethan! (No smoking Uncle Ethan!)

We also got to see Grant and Jo and spend time with NiNi and Papa! We capped off the weekend with a barbecue at Kimmy's house. Phew! Just typing it makes me tired!

*$#)@ DOG.

Grrr. There has been a lot of growling going on lately. It is not the dog growling at me, but me growling at the DOG.

Vegas has been trying my patience lately. It seems as though every time I turn around he has a new little shenanigan waiting for me.

Two nights ago I awoke in the middle of the night to a very strong smell. I was convinced (my imagination is super active at 3:30 a.m.) that I smelled an electrical fire. I sprang out of bed and was setting about to sniff out the problem and feel every cord in the house to make sure none of them were hot. Luckily, I was distracted by a pillow that had fallen on the floor. A pillow with a large mysterious spot on it. A wet spot. A freakin' dog pee spot. Grrrr. I think Vegas was lucky the Humane Society isn't open at 3:30. I put him in his kennel and went back to our room. Where I could then hear him trying to dig through the plastic bottom to China. So then I got up and put his kennel in the garage. Eric let him out in the morning or he may still be in there if it were up to me.

I know that might not seem like enough to set a person off. Even a person with swollen ankles and extra hormones. But perhaps this next story will help you see where I am coming from.

So last week, Eric had to go to work early in the morning. This left Callan and I to our routine...or a variation thereof. Callan hopped in the shower with me. After our shower Callan asked for a diaper reprieve. It feels like a small thing to give. A few minutes with out a diaper. I can handle it. Well, most of the time I can handle it. This particular morning in the blink of an eye we had a giant disgaster. (Disgusting Disaster) I will spare you the details. Just know it had lots to do with not having a diaper on and a dog who is undiscriminating about what he eats. Thank god my morning sickness is over or that would have set me about having a whole new problem on top of what I already had to deal with.

So see what I mean?

Vegas started it.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Today is Brought to you by the Letter "B"

Sometimes things that Callan says just get stuck in my head. This week he has been pronouncing all his B words with "BE" instead of bu for the sound...resulting in cute quips such as

BE nockles (binoculars)
BE nanas

It makes me smile just thinking about it.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Something Old,Something New, Something Borrowed, and something Bunnied.

What a fun and busy weekend we had! Eric's niece Stephanie got married on Saturday. Not only did she manage to find herself a super wonderful husband, she also scored an extremely handsome ring bearer. Although not an inactive one. Fortunately---Callan was the only one running. Tuxedos are the new workout wear. Sweatpants are so last year. My pictures turned out kind of horribly but not for lack of trying. I am hoping Beth can bail me out as I am sure her trained eye got lots of good ones! (HAPPY Birthday Beth!!!!!)

We had so much fun getting to see everyone. Callan loves all his cousins! Christine was back in town to be the MOH, it was great to see her! And Callan has been talking about Ryan, Luke and Rachael since last time we saw them--counting the days until we would see them again. Usually once he sees them he prefers to just kind of watch them instead of actually play with them, he gets a little shy but he warms up quickly and was eating chocolate out of their hands in no time! ; ) Callan had lots of fun and was provided with endless candy, cookies, chips and pop in order to help smooth the bumps of a weekend that doesn't exactly follow his normal schedule. He was a trooper! I think he would probably tell you the highlight of the weekend was that he learned to use a pop machine (not to mention, was allowed to drink pop). He did lots of funny things...two of which were launch the RB pillow across the alter during the rehearsal and yell "THROW IT!" and then when we were at the reception waiting in line for some roast beef, he put his hand squarely on the shoulder of the lady in front of us, gave her a small shove and yelled "GO!" I guess he really, really wanted some beef. Luckily she was a good sport and found the humor in this!

As for Easter, it was definitely our second tier event. We still managed to find time for some serious egg hunting. Luckily The Bunny (TB) came to Nini and Papa's house early so we could have a practice run on Saturday morning. Callan found a garden shovel and a rake immediately and couldn't be bothered to put them down--no matter what was inside the eggs. The only way he would pick up the eggs was if he could scoop them onto his shovel with his rake. He did allow my dad to feed him the occasional M&M or gummy---but only if he could keep digging! One track mind, that guy! By the time TB got to our place on Sunday morning Callan was mildly amused by some of the offerings but in large part 'over it' I think we had too much excitement already---TB couldn't compete. Although I did find out that the practice hunt helped us hone our skills as our Sunday evening egg hunt with the neighbors went much better---Callan was running around scooping them up like a pro.

So that was our weekend. Looking forward to a little slower pace next weekend when we get a visit from Uncle Ethan!

More One Peas.

This is Callan's new way of asking for more...of anything (if you are into ironic phonics, anything but peas...he never asks for more of those). Instead of more of that please, more one peas. His other slightly backwards phrase of the moment is 'mama hold you' instead of 'mama hold me'. It would figure world's sweetest boy has world's sweetest phrasing. What a guy!