Monday, March 30, 2009

Give That Guy A Hand!

Or, let's hear it for the boy...

OK, I'm sure there is no actual correlation between Callan's motor skill development and my appendix, but let's just say that in the absence of the appendix, things around here are changing awfully quickly! And it seems like an awfully big coincidence!

Callan is no longer approaching, instead he has officially reached, the don't-turn-your-back-for-a-second stage. If you sit him down to play with his toys he will be inching, scooting, creeping, sliding and end up 40 feet from where you put him in approximately 1.2 seconds. It is amazing!

He has also learned to clap---which is timely so that he can clap for himself and all of his great new feats. Here's a video of the applause...

Callan has also started pointing to let you know what he wants, what direction he would like to go in and who he would like to see---NOW. (I think that those are all the skills you need to work in an office? He is so advanced!) That combined with a little 'eh-eh-eh' noise, and we catch on eventually. His pointing skills have also allowed him to be able to find new body parts---like nostrils. Both mine and his....and if I had to guess probably my mom's too. When he discovered I was trying to take a picture of him doing this, he decided to trick me a few hundred times. So here's our 'close enough, I'll remember what the picture was supposed to be of' picture.

It does seem as though there were some great things that came from my surgery (besides the obvious of not having an organ burst), Callan and I were spoiled to have my mom and dad come stay with us for a few nights while Eric was out of town. We had so much fun! (At least as much fun as is post operatively allowed and recommended.) Not ever leaving the fabulous big O I have been blessed to see my parents very regularly, but not typically for more than a few hours at a time. So it was fun to have a 'sleep over' and get to spend a lot of time with my Mom. To watch she and Callan together is truly a joy. I don't know who loves the other more---they are quite the pair! Here's some of the fun we had with Grandma Char! Of course Grandpa Mike was also in on the action---Callan even treated him to some vocalization that sounded remarkably like "Grandpa!" I don't think I am speaking out of turn to say that was the highlight of Dad's day!

The 'ol cardboard box race car---zoom zoom!

Callan's first flash light---out for the storm that gave us the hail pictured below. We had an impressive emergency kit gathered. Flash lights, radio, water, food for Callan and cookies for my mom and I, you know--just in case. Impressively, even after 30 minutes in the basement, all the cookies survived.

In other family excitement---congratulations to Eric! He has been studying for months for a certification---which he passed today! Hurray!!!! All of those Saturdays that Eric told me he was "studying" to get out of diaper duty really did pay off!

And, of course, we have a birthday wish for Uncle Ethan! Hope you have a great day tomorrow--we love and miss you and are looking forward to your visit in June!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Keep Me Hanging On...

How sweet is this little face?

Looking at a picture of that beautiful boy is all I have been able to do since Tuesday night! I can not wait to get my hands on him! Hopefully I will get to go home tonight and do some cuddling!

Go home tonight? What does that mean you ask? Well I'll tell ya---we've had an adventurous few days. Apparently my body was in such a state of shock over not being able to celebrate St. Patrick's day in a style to which it had previously become accustomed, it was angered and took that frustration out on my appendix. Woo hoo. Long story short, Tuesday night I brought myself to the ER with the sole purpose of putting my hypochondria to rest. Instead, score 1 for the hypo! I had an appendectomy on Wednesday morning. So I haven't gotten to squeeze that baby for almost 72 hours! Painful!

Callan is enjoying himself at home with Grandma and Dad. In an interesting twist of fate, he is now eating mostly table food and I am on pureed food. De-lish!

So a little bit about my fabulous hospital stay....

1. WHY do they call a room semi-private? It is note even remotely private, let alone semi. When all that is separating you from another person's post-surgical noises and issues is a very thin curtain...there is no privacy what so ever. I am just so thankful to know that I am only here for a short while. And that soon I will be able to sleep for more than 20 minutes at a time. Who knew this little trip would make some of Callan's sleeping habits seem so desirable?

2. Gowned and fabulous! Hospital gowns are just wonder filled garments. I couldn't wait to get some personal items on under mine, so I asked Eric to please bring me a toothbrush, clean underwear and a sports bra. Obviously, the sports bra is for all of the jogging I've been doing while here. On Tuesday night, about 3 am I asked my nurse to grab my clean undergarments. She produced what looked to be a slightly frightening wad which I feared to be tights. Whew. Not tights, bra stuck to underwear with the hair tie I had asked for. Relief. Temporary relief. When I unfurled the combo pack I discovered that Eric had picked out the correct bra (good) and a pair of SPANX! (For those of you unfamiliar with the miracle that is SPANX, they are a fabulously hard working pair of spandex underwear that will smooth you into your fav little black dress, etc. Part physics, part physical (contortions are required to get into a proper fitting pair). What they are not, is post surgical wear. Perhaps it was the morphine cloud, but I found this to be particularly hilarious!

3. Having been fortunate enough to not have required hospitalization for anything other than the birth of Callan I have learned that sick folks come in all shapes and size. My new next door neighbor is a gal suffering from dementia that calls down the hallway for people. People she sounds angry at. Particularly last night, someone named Audrey Silverberg was really getting on her nerves as she yelled for her/at her several times. At about 1, 3 and 4 a.m. Very restful. Damn you Audrey.

Once again, a HUGE thank you to my parents. With out their help I am not sure how we would have survived this week! I am a 30 something who this week alone has had my mom doing my laundry, cooking my food, and if I had to put money on it, probably cleaning my house. And I also get the idea that while I am typing this she may be doing my grocery shopping. Not to mention caring for my baby! What a lucky girl I am! What would I do with out my mom?

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Two, Four, Niner, Five, Six...

Uh, did I catch a niner in there? Were you calling from a walkie-talkie?

Oh, thank you for the humor Tommy Boy!!!

And yes, we did catch a niner! Right in our house! I can't believe Callan is 9 months old already! The time has just gone by so, so fast!

Time flying by is also my lame excuse for lack of posts. So, in place of chatter, I give you pictures.

Callan and Rachael reading Callan's favorite Elmo book. Look at him with that pointer finger! A man who knows what he wants!
I was trying to take a funny picture of Callan with a coffee mug to make a coffee mug for my Grandma for her birthday. He looks like he could use a shot of joe in this pic. Needless to say, my efforts were fruitless---I started to worry about him waving the mug around and hurting himself. Sorry Grandma! Happy Birthday---hope it is the thought that counts!!! ; )
Callan showing Aunt Johanna how to eat a teething biscuit. This was his first one and it was more crumbly than sticky---so we are missing the follow up shots of cookie-plastered hair.

Love to all!