Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Ice Cream for Breakfast

It sounds like a magical thing, doesn't it? A land where you can have ice cream for breakfast. Well, I'm sure the guilty parties would say that technically it was ice cream immediately following breakfast, which makes it more like a breakfast dessert. And where, might you ask, does such a magical land exist?

Where else but NiNi and Papa's house!!!!

Unfortunately, my Dad had to have a little surgery last week. Fortunately he is recovering fabulously and it was a reason for Ang and Eth to come back and visit us. Since there was so much healing and hosting going on, Callan went on the road for a week. He got to go to Nini and Papa's every day where he was spoiled by lots of extra attention, affection and confection as it turns out. So my poor dad was convalescing. As we are all aware, the healing power of malts is second only to Aloe Vera. So my mom went to get my dad a malt and returned with a malt for Dad and a cup of ice cream of Callan. And so the story goes, every day, after the completion of every meal, Callan would go to the freezer, open it and get the Culver's cup out and try to lick the inside of it until someone would get a spoon and give him a little taste. (doesn't this story just reek of adults trying to pin the blame on the baby!??!?!) Callan got SOOO good at this little game that after dinner at home one night, he got out of his high chair, went directly to our freezer, pulled out a quart of ice cream and began to try and pry or bite the lid off to gain access. SHEESH! Here's what was captured on the Ninicam.

There was lots more fun to be had. At this time I do not believe them to have been soda or candy fueled, but based on previous paragraph may discover that to be the truth.

And, for the sake of balance, here are two pics of Callan enjoying healthier fare. Yogurt and corn on the cob. Mmmmmm! You'll notice these are at my house.

And look at this. Callan enjoying chocolate frosting at the Gingerbread House. I mean Nini and Papa's. Look out Disneyland, this might be the new happiest place on earth!

See? Pee!

As I have confessed to many times, part of our nightly ritual is naked baby time, preceeded by bath time. A few nights ago I left Callan enjoying his activity table...playing a few tunes with some very uninhibited dancing. Shedding the diaper really frees you I suppose! I only stepped a few feet away to put his laundry basket in the hallway. While doing so my super soMOMnar hearing picked up a very distinct sound.

A sound that I knew immediately was one of two things. 1. The gentle and rhythmic roll of a delicate maraca, or 2. Urine hitting the carpet. When I walked back into the room in search of a finely crafted Mexican gourd instrument, I instead discovered the puddle. Option number 2 (a number one, but option number 2.) I pointed to the spot and said, "Oh no! What happened Callan?" He looked up at me, down and the spot and back at me. Then he grabbed himself, aimed at the floor and said "SHHHHHHKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK" trying to imitate the sound his pee made.

I laughed until I cried. What a funny and clever boy he is. I was totally expecting the ol' "the dog did it!" excuse! ; )

Kiss Off

A few nights ago during our evening stroll(er) we stopped by one of Eric's fellow Wahooligan's house. Someone Eric went to elementary school with. They have a little boy Callan's size. Of course, he is two and a half...but none the less. So Eric and Sam were playing tractor and lawn mower and bubbles and all of those great fun things. While we are trying to coax Callan back into the stroller, he drops his bubble wand and leans into Sam with his mouth wide open---hoping to give Sam a kiss. Is that the cutest thing ever? Well, I intercepted since Sam was not exactly keen on this development, but I glance over at Eric to see if he has the seat belt ready to strap Callan back into the stroller against his will and notice that Eric's eyes are the size of plates.

After saying our good-byes, when we were safely out of ear shot (save Callan's protests) he said... "HOLY Cow. We've got to put the kibosh on that. He can't be kissing people. No more kissing. Couldn't you have said he was going to bite him instead of kiss him?" This makes me laugh every time I think about it. Better for your 14 month old to be a biter than a kisser. OOOOOOOOOOh what we all have to learn!!!!

It's All Natural

It occurred to me while setting up for one of the classic baby poses (shampoo styled mohawk) that because of Callan's hair's tendency to stick up instead of lay down, a more humorous pose would perhaps be of him with a news-caster do. Parted on the side and neatly combed over. The mohawk isn't particularly shocking or unimaginable. I mean, he rocks it, obviously. I'm just saying?

Sunday, August 16, 2009


Woo hoo! This is my 100th blog post. Wow.

I feel like there should be fireworks or something. I think TV shows get cakes for their milestone eps? Hey, any occasion is a cake occasion, peeps.

In honor of my 100th blog, here are a hundred things I love about Callan/mommyhood after #1, no particular order!


2. Development of Ma-Claw (lightening quick hand reflexes and you can carry approx 500 pounds in one hand)

3. Callan learning to say UH OH!

4. Ma Ma Ma ma. Sweetest sound ever!

5. Love pats from my baby.

6. Blowing raspberries.

7. Smelling feet makes Callan laugh.
(this is the "stinkers!" face for smelly feet or poopy pants)

8. seeing how communication develops even w/out words

9. watching him sleep

10. bathtime!

11. Jammies.

12. Callan asks for "crabby pincers" by pointing to a picture in a book of a crab and imitating the pincers...which means, tickle me!!!!

13. The way new words come out...with so much effort and meaning.

14. Seeing my parents as grandparents.

15. What a wonderful Dad Eric is.

16. Realizing it is time to be a role model. Do as I say not as I do probably won't cut it.

17. Chocolate or poop moment from Baby Mama. Totally plausible.

18. vrrrrrrrrm. Callan's truck sound.

19. DAw! (Dog)

20. I'm gonna getchyou! followed by squeals of delight

21. Chasing a shrieking streaking baby

22. Practicing waving

23. with enough determination, i can be climbed.

24. sharing a laugh!

25. seeing Callan's memory develop. he's a sharp one!

26. watching Callan get SO excited to see NiNi!

27. Callan learning to say PaPa

28. Vegas learning to love Callan

29. Callan learning to feed Vegas (perhaps 28 is related?)

30. when a cuddle stops the tears

31. finally learning how to stock a diaper bag!

32. never giving Callan formula

33. surviving extreme sleep deprivation

34. imitation

35. learning to make more realistic animal noises

36. watching Callan enjoy meeting other kids

37. Callan getting puppy kisses

38. Callan giving kisses

39. seeing those little tiny baby teeth

40. the bleary eyed first smile of the morning

41. holding a sleeping baby

42. seeing Callan learn what foods he likes and dislikes.

43. discovering that ketchup makes anything edible (see 42)

44. seeing our siblings as aunts and uncles

45. how much our families love Callan!!

46. loving someone truly more than anything else or one on the planet

47. dancing to any song

48. if you are happy and you know it....CLAP your hands!

49. little feet stomping.

50. baby sign language

51. bre. bre. (umbrella)

52. learning something new every day

53. becoming immune to spit up

54. the value and importance of Tide-To-Go (see 53)

55. GG loving Callan!

56. Ang sending Chicago sports outfits to her favorite nephew. (whoops. cat out of bag.)

57. Watching my brothers try to trick Callan/play pesky Uncle.

58. My Dad's smile when he watches Callan

59. seeing the wheels turn!

60. trying to imagine tomorrow's wonders let alone next week, next month, next year

61. hearing little running footsteps when you come in the door from work

62. eating crayons

63. trying to stomach yogurt because Callan fed it to me. yuck. I will have to draw the line at mayo.

64. Callan waves and waves and waves at everyone, even when they don't wave back. Persistence!

65. pots and pans are magical

66. there is no sitting. no sitting.

67. reading books to Callan

68. seeing a little bit of nature vs nurture. boys are boys are boys!

69. Callan learning to take his shoes off and on

70. Callan trying on Eric's shoes

71. Seeing him reach up to open doors

72. the waddle of a full diaper

73. Callan's first Halloween costume. Awww!

74. Unbelievable how much Callan has changed in a month. And year ago is hardly recognizable!

75. How important being Callan's mom makes me feel!

76. learning that EVERYTHING goes in the mouth

77. seeing how many restrictions we put on people that are against our natural instincts. like taking what we want and sharing.

78. Callan learning to pet Veggie GENTLY.

79. His obsession with lawn mowers.

80. Ha Ha ha. Callan's imitation of The Count

81. Not realizing how much Callan has grown until his pajamas won't fit any more

82. Buying size 7 shoes for a 14 month old.

83. Coming to terms with the idea that no one will EVER say...he's gonna be tall and thin like his mom. DNA.

84. Seeing a little bit of a curl in those wild blonde locks

85. Blue eyes!

86. remembering how interesting rocks are.

87. Callan calling a beer "DaDa"

88. A baby laugh after a burp

89. a deliberate head nod. yes. yes. yes

90. that it takes a few times to remember that eating sand is not a great plan

91. that i have the ability to carry snacks in my purse without actually consuming them.

92. pictures are always worth waiting for!

93. short hair

94. learning that I sometimes need to wear flats. and may someday even prefer them.

95. being able to exchange knowing looks with Eric about exactly how wonderful and amazing we both find Callan to be.

96. being in the mom club. you can talk to perfect strangers about their boobs, clothing stains, advice, diaper preferences, anything you want and they get it.

97. pride

98. realizing that Callan wont' remember the memories we are making, but will remember the stories we tell him about the memories.

99. seeing that baby face as my desktop on my computer makes me smile every single day.

100. being a mom. best kept secret ever.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Bottlestar Galactica

Callan said "Bottle" tonight! Another new word! Next: Supercalifragilisticexpialidicious.

Well. Maybe not yet. But soon I'm sure!

Also, before I get into this may I say that Callan, and his actions and sometimes his toys throw me into Jack Handy Land (remember from Saturday Night Live--and now,Deep Thoughts with Jack Handy...) well we were playing with his letter blocks the other day and I was totally caught up trying to figure out the longest word you could spell with the blocks. So, the longest word without repeating any letters. Sadly, my atrophied brain could come up with max 7 letters..uniform. Jeopardy champ I am not. But it was seriously getting on my nerves...I knew there had to be longer, better words..but what?! Thank God for Google! Google says it is: ambidextrously. Phew.

Anyway! Our little man is a whirl these days! He loves to go, go, go! Don't try and bother him with clothes or diapers or shoes. Those slow him down! (not enough!) He doesn't seem to have time to eat these days. Our meals have gone from 30 minute events to a 5 minute wrestling match. Usually ending with him partially dressed and using a food as a hairstyling product. He is learning so much! He can easily follow two step directions: Callan, put down Vegie's leash and come help me with the laundry. Callan, take this beer to your dad and change the channel back to golf. Kidding.

We've just been having too dang much fun lately! Which leaves me with no time to post! I'm sorry!!!! Here are some pictures, courtesy of my new fabulous birthday present!!!

Callan got Eric's shirt from his laundry basket and put it on himself. Guess who he got his fashion sense from?

Callan picking his first tomato!

Callan squashing his first tomato on the door.

Hide and go seek!

We had a super fun day at the zoo with Papa! Saw gorillas, polar bears, goats, children on leashes, chased a peahen, and had our first carousel and train ride.

That can really wear a guy out!