Thursday, September 9, 2010

Callan--2 years!

Callan's second birthday was fabulous! We celebrated with our family and Callan was absolutely thrilled to see everyone and in love with every generous gift he received...he was quite the charmer.

Of course,

above all else...

he loved the CAKE!

(evidence attached.)

Other 2-year milestones that we achieved that week:

  • Using "I" instead of Callan. Callan wants to golfing became I WANT to go golfing. What a big guy!

  • Biting. Ugh. I think (fingers crossed) that we have since outgrown this...but Callan went through a bit of a biting spell. Thankfully (for me) a close eye and repeated time outs helped squelch it....I was fearing the pound of flesh approach. (if any of Callan's victims are reading this--we really are so, so sorry!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And also, if you are a victim and are reading this---congrats on being a two year old who is literate.)

  • Repeating/memory. This guy's got a memory like an elephant! Don't make up any details to answer a why question if you aren't going to be able to remember what you made up. And don't tell him some one's name if you aren't going to recall it yourself. Seriously. One of our biggest issues of confusion is which Bob we are talking about...Fireman Bob, Bed Salesman Bob, or Appliance repair Bob. All people we have met and Callan has a curiosity about.

Our guy is just growing and growing and growing. I can't believe what an amazing two years it has been. Eric and I feel so lucky to have Callan in our family, and unbelievably fortunate that we get to see him discover so many new things every day. He is kind and compassionate, sweet and funny. And, of course, he even has a bit of an arnery streak in him. He is a little bit daring and incredibly brave. I just love him to pieces. Every day I think how incredible it is to see those big eyes look back at me when I say I love you, not to mention the fabulous feeling of having those slightly chubby little fingers pat your back as they wrap around your back in a much needed hug. AH, love!

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